Tuesday, March 17, 2009


High desert climate here. Although it is cold I feel the dryness more in the winter when my sinuses ache from lack of moisture and my skin wrasps when I touch it. My massage therapists knows to slather on the oil when she begins to smooth out the accumulated aches in my bod.

On account of all this, it is a delight to take the dog to be groomed. We leave in darkness early in the morning and drive to a little town just north of here where Donna has her grooming shop. Donna has inherited and been gifted a jungle array of plants which thrive in the humidity (lots of hot moisture in the air from baths) and sunshine (south facing store front windows). (This photo only shows a fraction of the number of plants.)When I walk through her doorway I am enveloped in moisture and try to stay as long as I can.

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